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Green Party Candidate for Brent and Harrow questions Boris

12 March 2012

Despite the concerns of Brent residents it looks likely that the government will be pressing ahead with the High Speed 2 rail project. At a packed meeting in West London the Green Party's London Assembly candidate for Brent and Harrow questioned the Mayor of London over the project. 

 Shahrar Ali said: "What is the Mayor going to do to address, or impress upon his dear leader, the needs and wishes of tens of thousands of Londoners who are opposed to the tunneling under their houses as a result of the totally unaffordable, environmentally damaging and overall CO2 increasing high speed rail vanity project which is HS2? The country's broke!" 

In response the Mayor said he is in principle in favour of high speed rail, but what he said to the government is 1) that he wants to see a business case that really stacks up, 2) wants to see mitigation and real protection for people in West London, and 3) he cannot conceive of HS2 without a new tube line at Euston to take people beyond there.

In support of local people campaigning against HS2 Jenny Jones, the Green Party's Mayoral candidate, said:

"HS2 is unpopular, a waste of money, poorly conceived and should be stopped immediately. Residents and other opponents to the scheme are right to feel aggrieved over having their opinions, and their quality of life, completely ignored.

Many people will be forced to move from their homes to make way for HS2, and the government seems intent on pursuing the project despite the substantial human, financial and environmental cost. Investment in public transport is essential but it must be done in a way that benefits everyone. Unless transport within London is improved, any gains on journey times made by high speed services to the capital will be lost on the platform of Euston tube station."

Shahrar will continue to make representations to the Mayor and the Government on the subject of HS2.  

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