Welcome to the Brent Green Party Website 



Welcome to the Brent Green Party website.


We greatly increased our vote share in 2022 Council Elections. We were the second biggest party in seven of the sixteen wards in which we stood. This was an excellent result and shows how interest in the Green Party is growing in Brent and Nationally. But we need more members! Please do consider becoming a member, more information can be found here https://join.greenparty.org.uk/. Once you become a member of the National Party you automatically become a member of Brent Greens.


We are planning an extensive programme of campaigning, leafleting and talking to residents and we will be posting more details about that soon. If you would like to get involved with this, but joining the party is not the right thing for you at the moment,  do please write to us at coordinator@brent.greenparty.org.uk and we will be in touch.





We may enjoy the perks of living in London, but face a burden of environmental hazards that cause us STRESS.

Some of this stress may be short term, like being stuck on an overcrowded bus with noise and pollution from a gridlocked road. 

Some stress might be chronic, such as living or working next to a busy road (perhaps the North Circular or Edgware Road). 

As humans we can adapt, but at the same time, we're only human and should question why its always us who needs to compromise? 

The quality of the air we breathe, the condition of housing, pavements, potholes, vandalism, crime and litter are all environmental issues   

These urban issues relating to traffic, noise, over-crowding, our streets, shoddy housing or poor neighbourhood infrastructure can be fixed. Perhaps not by any one approach, but we can
 learn from other countries that are making sensible long-term decisions. 

This means if anyone will solve these problems it will be us. It’s why the Green Party has greatly increased its presence on London Councils in May 2022 and represent you with Zack PolanskiCaroline Russell and Siân Berry on the London Assembly. 

We think the problems in Brent can be dealt with through intelligence, discipline and hard work - and that is why we need to lead. If you wish to be part of that, please get in touch. 


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